‘I’ll Fly Away” Foundation Power of Music Festival & Music Conference April 26th & 27th.

On March 8th, Betsy Brumley, Chairman of the I’ll Fly Away Foundation (illflyawayfoundation.org) reached out for the legendary music and entertainment icon, Al Bell to give a statement for the press conference and press release to announce this year’s Power of Music Festival to be held in Bentonville, AR on April 26th – 29th. Mr. Bell will be an honored panelist at the festival and provided the following powerful message to the I’ll Fly Away Foundation for immediate release:


Al Bell said, “If you take music out of our lives we cease to exist as a human race.”

 I am honored and thankful to be blessed with the opportunity to work with Betsy Brumley and the “I’ll Fly Away Foundation” because their mission represents the essence of what I live for!

My mission is seeking ways and means to incorporate the art and science of music into human lives so as to create an “all is well”spiritual melody and a natural rhythm among people to perpetuate cultural harmony among all of the members of our community. I love this!!!

I will be standing tall, filled with passion and proudly at the Power of Music Festival and Music Conference April 26th and 27th.

If you care about this kind of thinking I humbly ask you to join us, interact with us and support us. If you take music out of our lives we cease to exist as a human race.

 Al Bell, Chairman & CEO, Al Bell Presents, LLC

 March 8, 2018

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